How much does a mobile app build cost?

Check out our pricing page for more details.

But you also will need the Apple developer account ($99/year) or Google Play developer account ($25 once).

Do I need a rebuild every time I make changes to the web(bubble) app?

No, any changes made on your web page don't require an app to be rebuilt (Natively it's a simple web page wrapper).

The only case you might need a rebuild is to change Native Features, Assets, Style, App Info, or being rejected by Apple.

What if Apple/Google will reject my app?

Usually, Apple/Google's team describes the reason for rejections. If you are pretty sure it's related to the source code of a mobile app build, please get in touch with support and attach relevant screenshots. Otherwise, it can be related to your website, or some data you've filled out on the App Store Connect/Google Play app page is inappropriate. In such a case, there is no obligation on the Natively platform to issue you a rebuild or refund.

Can I get help with the App Store/Google Play release or Natively setup?

Check out our guide about releasing to the App Store.

Can I hire someone to integrate Natively for me?

Yes, of course, you can hire our specialist for an hourly rate to integrate Natively to your website. Contact us.

Do I need to rebuild my app to get new features from the update?

Yes, unfortunately, there is no other way to deploy a new native code to your existing mobile app.

You can try to run a new feature on your current build, if it's available, everything should work just fine, otherwise, you will get an error.

Make sure you add debug in mode (headers)

I don't see a feature that is very important for my application.

We're instantly implementing new native features. If you have any ideas or requirements, feel free to submit your ideas on this page.

My document file doesn't displays in Iframe on Android.

Unfortunately, Android WebView doesn't support iframe documents preview, you can try to wrap your document in a GVIEW:


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