Setup One Signal App

If you have 2 apps (iOS and Android) for 1 website, you need 1 OneSignal application with 2 platforms enabled.

Android 🤖


Push Notification Setup for Android

  1. 3.
    Add OneSignal App Id to the Push Notification section on the Native Feature step

iOS 🍏


Create App (App ID)

  • Open One Signal's Apps Dashboard
  • Click New App/Website
  • Enter the name of your app in Name of your app or website field
  • Select Apple iOS (APNs)
  • Click Next
  • Select .p8 Auth Key
  • Upload the .p8 key you've created, and enter a Team ID, Key ID, and Bundle ID.
  • Click Save & Continue
  • Select target SDK Native iOS and click Save & Continue
  • Copy your App ID and click Done
IMPORTANT For iOS. We don't support p12 files anymore! Please use p8 key instead!