All bellows parameters can be updated with SDK later (check Control Style & Colors section)


App Background Color

The top background (It displays only on iOS devices with notch)
If your page background is transperent, it will be the page's background.
Top bar backgrund (If iPhone with notch)

Loader Color

The color of a loader on the top (This loader will be displayed only while the page is loading)


Swipe Navigation [Only for iOS]

Users can navigate between pages with a swipe gesture

Pull To Refresh

Drag to the bottom to refresh the page

Status Bar Style [Only for iOS]

Status bar color, it can be "Dark", "Light", or None(Hidden)

Safe Area [Only for iOS]

Safe Area - it's a space on the top of the app, that can be Enabled/Disabled.
If it's Enabled, the background can be controlled by App Background Color​