🧋Integration (Native Features)

Natively allows you to set up many features. Pick up most suitable for your business.

Available Native Features

  1. Push Notifications with OneSignal

  2. Fetching device info

  3. Geolocation (Foreground/Background live location tracking)

  4. Store data in local storage

  5. Biometrics authorization and storing user's credentials

  6. Send SMS/Email through native screens

  7. Native Date Picker

  8. Native Camera (Take a photo or record a video)

  9. QR/Barcode scanner

  10. Native contacts (fetch all contacts or create new)

  11. In-App Purchases (RevenueCat)

  12. Native toast and banner

  13. Share sheet for photos, files, text and URLs

  14. Open external URL inside of the app (In-App browser)

  15. Open external installed apps

  16. Request user's review

  17. vCARD(.vcf) files handling

  18. HTML5 fullscreen video

  19. tel:,sms:,mailto: handling

  20. File download (through Native share sheet)

  21. AppsFlyer Analytics

  22. Facebook Analytics

  23. Apple's HealthKit Integration

  24. Social (Google, Facebook, Telegram) auth support (through the web)

  25. Custom launch screen

  26. Pull to refresh

  27. Swipe navigation

  28. Custom app icons

  29. Status bar customization

  30. Audio recording

  31. Debugger console

  32. Admob integration

  33. NFC Read/Write

  34. Apple Sign In

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