Subscription Plans

Natively plans:

  • Free - is an excellent option to get started with Natively. You can walk around, test some features, and see if Natively fits your needs.
  • Startup - perfect choice for early startups to test their ideas for low costs.
  • Business - is recommended for startups or businesses to get a full package and white label capabilities.
  • Lifetime - One-time payment, you will receive a license for using Natively on Android & iOS (with 6 re-builds included)
A Special Offer is a limited-price offer that applies for a lifetime (Until you cancel or switch a plan).


Does Natively support any websites?

Natively supports any websites. You can connect it to Natively and build a mobile app without coding. Integration with native features might take some coding, but our plugins and SDKs are very simple to use and well documented.

Will changes made on the website be reflected in the app?

Natively will automatically render your mobile website’s pages in the app. Any changes you make to your website will be updated in your app automatically.

Will all my website’s functionalities will be working in the app?

Any functionality associated with your website will be working as in Chrome & Safari browsers on a mobile device.

Will my app continue working if I stop paying my monthly subscription?

Your app will be downgraded to the Free plan when you stop paying your monthly or annual subscription. In this case, your app will stop working and displays a banner that you need to continue a subscription.

Can I change my subscription plan(s)?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions at any time, on a prorated basis.

What is Agency plan?

Develop apps for your customer without any limitations. With an Agency plan, you can create an unlimited number of apps, and run unlimited builds.
The app will be password protected, which means that you will not be able to release them in production until you transfer a project to your customer or update a plan to Startup or Business.
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