📸Native Camera

A native camera feature in your mobile app enhances the user experience by providing convenience, increased functionality, customization options, improved performance and quality.

🧋 Bubble.io Plugin

[Element] Natively - Camera


  • Camera Result Updated - get called after

  • File Uploaded - get called after the file was successfully uploaded on S3 (You can find a file URL in element's state)

  • File Size over limit - Triggered when file size is more then File Size Limit param


  • Camera Result (Base64) - Base64 string representation of a file, can be used for custom uploading

  • Camera Result (Content Type) - image/png, image/jpeg or video/mp4

  • Uploaded File URL - Amazon S3 file URL

  • File Size - size of latest camera result file in KB


  • Show Camera

    • Content Type - Photo or Video

    • Quality - Low, Medium, or High

    • Upload File - checkbox (Upload file to Amazon S3)

    • File Name - will be used if Upload File is checked

    • Camera Type - FRONT / BACK

    • File Size Limit - (in KB) prevent uploading big files to Bubble's amazon S3

🛠 JavaScript SDK


const camera = new NativelyCamera()
const open_camera_callback = function (resp) {
    console.log(resp.base64); // base64 string of media file
    console.log(resp.content_type); // "image/png"
    console.log(resp.size); // "1024" <- file size in KB
const type = "photo" // "photo"/"video"
const quality = "high" // "high"/"medium"/"low"
const cameraType = "FRONT" // "FRONT"/"BACK"
camera.showCamera(type, quality, cameraType, open_camera_callback);

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