Natively using RevenueCat service to provide the Purchases support inside of your application. More details here: https://revenuecat.com/

How to set up Purchases?

Turn on the Purchases feature and fill out the following information:

  • Enter iOS Api Key (if you're planning to use it in iOS)

  • Enter Android Api Key (if you're planning to use it in Android)

Where to find Android or iOS API Keys?

🐈pageSetup RevenueCat App

I am already using Stripe for purchases on my website. Do I need to implement In-App purchases in my app?

Yes, you generally need to implement In-App purchases (IAP) in your app, particularly for in-app digital goods or services, as mandated by Apple and Google, which charge a 15% or 30% commission. However, there are exceptions where Stripe can be used, especially for transactions involving physical goods, real-world services, or person-to-person services. Stripe offers benefits like lower transaction fees and more flexibility but comes with challenges like potentially lower conversion rates and additional management complexities.

For more details, refer to our partner's RevenueCat full article here.

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