For Partners: Natively Brand Book.

Whether you're an experienced affiliate or an eager newcomer, this guide is your strategic ally. Decode our brand intricacies, master messaging, perfect CTAs, and immerse yourself in visual richness.

Our Mission and Values


We want to inspire people to be creators. Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses by making mobile app development accessible without requiring coding expertise. We want people to understand a new way to boost their product/service and get the best out of it.

Core Values:

  • Innovation: Staying ahead with cutting-edge solutions like instant web-to-app conversion.
  • Accessibility: Breaking technical barriers to enable everyone to own a mobile app.
  • Community: Building a collaborative ecosystem of users and developers.

Brand Identity

The Natively logo is a blend of simplicity and modernity. Usage should ensure it's free from obstructions, maintaining a clear space around it.
Guidelines for Logo Usage
✅ Do: Maintain the logo's proportions and clarity.
❌ Don't: Distort, recolor, or reconfigure the logo.
Logo Natively
Logo Natively (Dark)
Logo Natively (Light)


Icon Natively (Dark)
Icon Natively
Icon Natively (Light)


Banner Natively
Banner Natively (Square)


Promo Natively (Portrait)
Promo Natively (Square)
Promo Natively (Stories)
Promo Natively

Color palette:

Our primary colors are: #1F2546 or #FFFFFF for text, #1F2546 and #FD734B for background. Secondary colors are: #57CB84, #63737A, #B1B9BD and #EBEDF6.
Illustrative Natively color palette


We rely on Inter font – bold for headings, regular for other text. These are simple yet effective in ensuring readability and elegance.

Tone of Voice:

Natively's voice is knowledgeable yet approachable and friendly. We combine technical expertise with user-friendly explanations. In communications, strike a balance between being professional and accessible. We aim to be informative, approachable, and empowering in our communications. We speak directly to our users, addressing their needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Natively's Key Messages

✅ Do's:

  • Simplicity in App Building: Emphasize how Natively simplifies the process of converting websites into mobile apps without any coding skills, making it accessible to all.
  • Innovation and Efficiency: Showcase Natively as an innovative solution that streamlines app development and saves time.
  • Focus on Community: Emphasize the collaborative nature of the Natively community and how feedback shapes the product.
  • Versatility: Highlight Natively's ability to convert various types of websites and the versatility it offers to users.
  • Security: No need to share developer account credentials anymore.
  • Automation: Natively app creation process is fully automated and does not require developers involvement.

❌ Don'ts:

  • Avoid Overpromising: Do not make exaggerated claims about what Natively can do. Be transparent about its capabilities.
  • Technical Jargon: Avoid using technical jargon without clear and understandable explanations.
  • Avoid Exclusivity: Never give the impression that Natively is only for a select group of experts.

Natively's CTA

✅ Do's:

  • Clarity: Ensure every CTA is clear in its intent and guides users effortlessly.
  • Engage Emotionally: Make CTAs that connect on an emotional level, like "Bring Your App Dream to Life."
  • Use Active Language: Employ verbs that prompt action, such as "Discover," "Explore," or "Start."
  • Stay Consistent: Ensure that the CTA leads to content that matches the user's expectations from the prompt.

❌ Don'ts:

  • Avoid Being Pushy: Don't force or rush users into decisions, give them space and time to decide.
  • Mislead: The destination after a CTA click should align with user expectations. No clickbait.
  • Overuse: A bombardment of CTAs can overwhelm users. Keep it focused and minimal.
  • Mix Messages: Avoid using CTAs that could send conflicting messages or confuse the user about the desired action.

Natively's Hashtags

✅ Do’s:

  • #BuildWithNatively #Natively #NativelyForYou #NativelyUpdates #NativeFeature #NativelyCommunity #NativelyInnovation – Hashtags used for specifically Natively-related posts
  • #NoCode #NoCodeAppDevelopment – to highlight that with Natively you do not need any code
  • #MobileAppDevelopment #MobileAppBuilding #Web2App – highlighting the main point of Natively
  • #BubbleApp #iOSAppDevelopment – when highlighting the specific platform/system working with Natively
  • #Tutorial #HowTo #Guide #Checklist – used with the educational posts
  • Engage with Trends: If there's a trending topic that aligns with Natively, use its hashtag.

❌ Don’ts:

  • Over-Generalize: Avoid overly generic tags like #app or #mobile. They get lost in the noise.
  • Spammy Use: Avoid using too many hashtags in a single post; quality is better than quantity.

🙌 Must-Have Assets:

High-Quality Visuals: Ensure that all visual assets, such as images and videos, are of high quality and convey Natively's professionalism.
Consistent Branding: Maintain consistency in design, colors, and typography to create a strong and memorable brand identity.
Educational Content: Provide users with informative and educational content about how to use Natively effectively.
Use Case Illustrations: Include visuals that illustrate the different use cases where Natively can be applied.

🤩 Nice-to-Have Assets:

User-Generated Content: Encourage users to share their experiences and content related to Natively, fostering a community of advocates.
Visualized Data: Present data and statistics in graphical form, making complex information more accessible.
Customizable Assets: Provide customizable templates or assets that users can adapt for their own promotional materials.

🎥 Video Example

A demonstration video showcases how effortlessly one can convert their site into a mobile app using Natively.

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