Request User's review

Apple's recommendation:
Spend some time thinking about the best places within your own app to show a request for review and what conditions are appropriate to delay it. Here are some best practices:
  • Try to request at a time that will not interrupt what the user is trying to achieve in your app. For example, at the end of a sequence of events that the user has successfully completed.
  • Avoid showing a request for a review immediately when a user launches your app, even if it is not the first time that it launches.
Check out Apple's guidelines about Requesting User's review for more details.
There is also one more way to request a review. You can use open Natively - Open external app action with this URL:
Where idXXXXXXXX is your AppStore id
This feature will not work until you submit your app to the App Store / Google Play.

🧋 Plugin

[Action] Natively - Request AppStore/GooglePlay review

🛠 JavaScript SDK

Request AppStore/GooglePlay review