🍕Testing & Submitting your app

Testing and submitting a mobile app are two crucial stages in the app development process.

Android 🤖

Testing on your device (APK)

You can simply install an APK file sent to your email after your app was successful build.

Submitting the app to Google Play (AAB)

How to submit your app to Google Play?

Privacy Policy Errors/Warnings

  1. Advertising ID

To fix this warning, go to your Google Play Console, select the app which you are trying to upload, then on the left side, go to Policy and programs -> App content in there, fill the Advertising ID form.

CAMERA/AUDIO etc. declaration

To fix this error, go to your App Page in Google Play -> Policy -> App Contact -> (Under Privacy Policy), click Start

App Bundle is signed with the wrong key

It means that you've already uploaded an APK file of the app that was built not with Natively (Or previously created Natively app)

To migrate your app on Natively please fill out this https://tally.so/r/wLZexO (And provide all requested data). If you don't have all this information, please get in touch with our support in a chat or at support@buildnatively.com

Migration request usually takes up to 24hrs. Be patient :)

iOS 🍏


After you've successfully received your build in AppStoreConnect you need:

  • Open your app in AppStoreConnect and go to the TestFlight tab.

  • Create a new Internal Testing group

  • Add Testers to this group

  • You will receive an email from AppStoreConnect with an invite to TestFlight with a link to the app.

App Store submission

How to publish your app?

After your build was successfully delivered to the App Store Connect and you test the app through TestFlight it's to submit it to App Store.

Go to your app's page in App Store Connect, and select the App Store tab.

You need to fill out all the required information on this page. Each field has a "(?)" button that contains a more detailed explanation. If you have any issues/questions, check out this guide.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • If you have In-App purchases implemented, check a release checklist from RevenueCat.

  • Screenshots - dimensions should be 1242x2688, 2688×1242, 1284×2778, or 2778×1284. Format PNG/JPEG. You can do it yourself or use such services like this.

  • Social Login - If your app has a login with social media (like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Apple requires such apps to add Sign In with Apple. Of course, you can hide it during the review process, but you need to understand that it violates AppStore guidelines. All responsibility for such action is on your side.

  • App Privacy - If you're using Push Notifications this guide from One Signal team can be useful.

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