Does Natively support any websites?

Natively supports any websites. You can connect it to Natively and build a mobile app without coding. Integration with native features might take some coding, but our plugins and SDKs are very simple and well-documented.

Natively will automatically render your mobile website’s pages in the app. Any changes you make to your website will be updated in your app automatically.

Any functionality associated with your website will work as in Chrome & Safari browsers on a mobile device.

Will my app continue working if I stop paying my monthly subscription?

Your app will be downgraded to the Free plan when you stop paying your monthly or annual subscription. In this case, your app will stop working and displays a banner that you need to continue a subscription.

Can I change my subscription plan(s)?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscriptions at any time on a prorated basis.

Why is my app loading slow? Is Natively blocking it?

From Natively's side, we are not doing anything to block your website from loading, and it's worth noting that app startup time can take 0.5-1s.

However, If you are using a single-page app approach and the user is logged in, the problem may lie there. In this case, we recommend splitting your app into several pages, such as combining login, signup, and onboarding on one page and settings on another. This should help improve the loading speed.

Some website functionality doesn't work in the app built with Natively

If you experience a feature that functions correctly in mobile browsers like Safari (iOS) or Chrome (Android) but not in the Natively app, please email us the following a code snippet or screenshot, along with a video that compares the feature's behavior in Natively and a mobile browser to help@buildnatively.com

How do I delete my app in Natively?

To delete your app, go to your App Dashboard, select 'Settings,' and scroll down to click the red trash can icon.

How do I change my app (iOS or Android) Bundle ID (Bundle Identifier)?

To update your app's Bundle ID, send a request to help@buildnatively.com or reach out to support via the chat feature on app.buildnatively.com (look for the blue circle icon in the bottom right corner)

How do I request a refund from Natively?

If you're unsatisfied with Natively, you can request a refund before 3 days after your purchase. To initiate the process, contact our support chat or email us at help@buildnatively.com with the following details:

  • Reasons for requesting a cancellation or refund

  • Suggestions on how we can improve

  • The email associated with your Natively account

Send this to help@buildnatively.com or contact us directly through support chat (look for the blue circle icon in the bottom right corner)

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